There is a massive technological shift occurring in the global marketplace one that will change how we conduct our everyday lives.  That shift is to smart phones.  The mobile landscape is poised to change significantly over the next 5 years and beyond.  We believe this will create one of the largest opportunities since the advent of the personal computer.  This sector will create the next round of global billionaires.

Strategically, Bridgewater Capital is focusing on mobile technology companies as we believe consumer electronic devices and services are converging, blurring boundaries and requiring seamless integration for a wide range of activities, most notably mobile applications. These mobile applications will ostensibly drive greater workforce mobilization creating opportunities for security, functionality, mobile SaaS and specific industry vertical integrations.  We have developed key relationships with many of these mobile companies both public and private.  Our visibility into this industry gives us the unique ability to source, create and close M&A as well as value added transactions to both strategic and financial buyers.

Bridgewater delivers expert advice in valuing technology assets, presenting, market penetration and growth opportunities, positioning companies during their capital process, advice on structuring, and developing the necessary tools and analysis to manage the deal process until its final conclusion.

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