February 20, 2013 admin

Navigating Through Microcaps With a Critical Eye

Navigating through the microcap space in the financial markets can be dangerous for a novice investor. The promises of overnight riches can often lure investors walking blindly into pitfalls in the pursuit of fool’s gold. In addition to nerves of steel and discipline of iron, investors also need a guide of sorts. Someone that knows the lay of the land and can cut through the embellishments and right to the essentials.

With over 25 years of experience in corporate finance in the microcap space, Stephen Kann certainly qualifies as an expert. His experience includes more than $300 million in transactions, including private placements, PIPEs, reverse mergers, IPOs and M&A. He has been an equity research analyst on both the buy and sell side.

Equities.com spoke with Stephen to pick his brain on how he approaches the microcap space and what can learn from his experience. Read the full article on Equities.com.

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